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Programs Overview

We create the curriculum and then establish, train, and support authorized training providers and instructors worldwide to deliver the courses and issue student certifications. Human Kinetics publishes the books, DVDs, online courses, and other resources that support the programs.

StarGuard is a comprehensive lifeguard training program appropriate for any type of pool or waterpark.

Wilderness StarGuard is a comprehensive lifeguard training program customized for those who lead swimming activities with groups in natural bodies of water and do not have traditional equipment or resources for emergency response.

Starfish Swimming is a total learn-to-swim and water safety curriculum for all ages and stages of aquatic development—toddlers through competitive swimmers.

AquaTech is an excellent resource for anyone responsible for the water quality and maintenance of an aquatic facility, and a preparation course for individuals seeking certification.

Safety Training & Aquatic Rescue (STAR) is basic water safety education for anyone who accompanies others in, on, or near the water and may have to respond during an emergency.

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Starfish Aquatics offers Starguard Lifeguard Certification program to provide training to lifeguards in any kind of pool or waterpark.  Starfish Swimming is a comprehensive swimming instruction and water safety curriculum for all ages and ability levels.  AquaTech Pool Operator Certification program offers training and certification for anyone responsible for the water quality and maintenance of a pool or aquatic facility.

Starfish Aquatics Institute • Founded by Jill White and Robbin White