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  1. SAI does not restrict acceptance of the StarGuard certification, so in theory a StarGuard-trained lifeguard may work anywhere. Additionally, StarGuard has been evaluated and accepted by health departments in states that have a review process and training requirement. However, two factors may influence how a person with StarGuard certification may be able to use it: StarGuard providers who conduct training for their employees may retain the certifications and limit its use to the facility where
  2. Yes. Waterpark StarGuard: Completion of the additional Waterpark training module authorizes lifeguards for facilities with water slides, wave pools, water play structures, lazy rivers, and other features at waterparks. Waterfront StarGuard: Completion of the additional Waterfront training module authorizes lifeguards for non-surf open bodies of water that have restricted swim areas (buoyed or roped or dock enclosed). Wilderness StarGuard: Completion of the Wilderness training course
  3. The emergency care curriculum is based on the latest evidence-based international guidelines published by the American Heart Association, and certifications are issued through the American Safety & Health Institute.
  4. One year. Competency and performance must be assessed annually for renewals.
  5. Age 16. An instructor may issue a variance into the course for a student who is 15 if the instructor has direct knowledge of the maturity of the student and believes he or she is ready for the challenges of the course.
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Starfish Aquatics offers Starguard Lifeguard Certification program to provide training to lifeguards in any kind of pool or waterpark.  Starfish Swimming is a comprehensive swimming instruction and water safety curriculum for all ages and ability levels.  AquaTech Pool Operator Certification program offers training and certification for anyone responsible for the water quality and maintenance of a pool or aquatic facility.

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